Writing Projects

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Lies aren’t 20/20

Psychics are real. Now the MACE center is the premier and only agency training, educating, and researching psychics and psychics. Nathan Wald is a human lie detector. He can also see the history of any object he holds. His work with the police department–investigating the most heinous of crimes–gives him something to both love and hate. When a conspiracy arises around him, Nathan discovers how little knowing a lie tells him about the truth. What will he do when he is forced to reinvent himself? Will he become everything he swore he would not?

fwwp.pngArmy Future Warfare Writing Project

I am currently conducting an internship with this wonderful program.

“The Army cannot know nor predict its next fight but it can imagine the future of warfare. Fiction is a tool of the imaginative process. Fiction allows us to imagine the details of reality-as-it-might happen in order to understand potential consequences of decisions that we need, or might need, to make. It helps us imagine how current trends might play out or how new innovations might have an impact. As a tool, fiction is cousin to war-gaming. It creates opportunities to play out potential scenarios and prepare for them.

A Year and a Daycover under construction

Consequence and effect.

While trying to rob a teenager for drug money, a man accidentally shoots a teenager in the head. He thinks life couldn’t possibly be worse. Until they get worse.

When he is released, pending trial, into the custody of his victim’s mother, the man must face consequences of his actions he never would see from his jail cell. Is the mother’s actions mercy or some ultimate revenge? Can he fix his life and find redemption?

If he can find redemption, will it trump consequences?

Concept Orion's Forge Cover tiny wordsForging Orion’s Spur

On hiatus.

This novel forms a prequel to “Mining Chernobyl” published in Triangulation: Steel Cities. This novel takes us on a detailed step-by-step account of how the technology develops, how the technology goes wrong, and how technology destroys the Earth.