Signer Consigner


Signer Consigner

Creating limited editions in an unlimited world.

There is currently no single repository anywhere on the internet for consumers to buy signed copies of an author’s work. However, millions of books are written every year. As traditional publishing becomes less common, book signings become less common. Even for established and famous authors, there is no guarantee you will ever get the chance to buy a signed book.

Signer Consigner looks to fix that issue. For a small fee ($1 or less), authors will be able to list their books for sale. The system should be automated. Large volume sellers can choose a monthly rate. Purchasers may choose to pay a small extra fee to receive a personalized letter from the author. For an additional fee ($2 or less plus shipping), Signer Consigner will handle the shipping and inventory.

Clearly, this model runs solely on volume

What I need help with:

  • Someone who can code the website
  • Marketing advice