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Marketing experts agree: Make your product accessible. Free samples are one way to do that. Not all my work is for sale. Look below for places you can read my work for free.Triumph of Evil Layer 2


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Read the ongoing serialized novel Triumph of Evil on Jukepop
Serials. This is the story of the world’s first supervillain who finds that his powers transfer to a mild-mannered retail manager whenever they battle. This becomes not only a battle of wills and stretgth, but wit or failure.


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Tell-Tale Heart Retold” – A dramatic retelling of “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe from the murdured mans perspective.

Dying Breed” – In a world devoid of death, one man refuses to live another year.

Improving Core Research and Writing Skills in the Modern NCO” – A finalist essay positing that we should teach legal briefing to our Army NCOs in school.

Why Mustaches Make Better NCOs” – A toungue-in-cheek but inspirational article about Army leadership.