Pre-Launch Day

What day is it? If you said “hump day,” you are partially correct. Today is also the official launch day for my Publishizer campaign. (Pre-Launch for my new and more regular blog.) What is Publishizer? This is a crowdfunding site specifically for authors. The site takes “pre-orders” on all books to raise money to publish the book. If an author reaches 250 preorders, the campaign is successful. The book is then automatically queried (which is author speak for they send an email) to 41 publishers.


Couldn’t I simply query 41 publishers? Naturally. This platform aids that process by proving to potential publishers that your book will sell. It proves there is a market. And so, your are more likely to find someone to publish.

Authors have increasingly moved to self-publishing these days. The downside to this system is a lack of established market and marketing. It is also almost impossible to get a self-published book on bookstore shelves. Hybrid publishing options such as those through Publishizer have many pros and cons. My hope with this campaign is not only to have my piece available to a wider audience but also to make money.

So what is the book? You mean you’re still reading this? You haven’t already moved to my Publishizer campaign! Very well. I will give you, my loyal reader, a quick look at my third novel.

TITLE: HindsightsHS3 TS

BACK: Being a human lie detector doesn’t make life easier for Nathan Wald. As the truth slowly unfolds around him, this psychic prodigy finds himself swept along by conspiracies, hidden agendas, and harassment. Will Nathan become the what he hates, or maintain his integrity? Forced to constantly re-evaluate his place in the world around him, Nathan struggles to find a place for psychic power, real life, and true love. Only one thing is certain: Lies aren’t 20/20.

GENRE: Science Fiction/Upmarket

LENGTH: About 400 pages

RELEASE: Winter 2016

So go ahead: Take a chance, find a new favorite title, or invest in my work.



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