12 Days To Go

Just 12 days left until the re-launch of my blog. You may notice (or maybe not) that this comes to you from WordPress rather than BlogSpot. Though my BlogSpot will remain active, WordPress offers Publicize where Google currently does not. This means one post to WordPress goes to my Facebook, Blogspot, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


So what’s coming in 12 days? I will officially launch my marketing campaign for Hindsights. If you would like to read more, click on “Writing Projects” above. I am planning to create a Publishizer campaign to allow you to buy an advance copy.

If you follow my Facebook blog, you will also notice that I have added a “Shop Now” button. This links to My Amazon Page with all my available publications. Click “Read For Free” above to pay nothing to read my work. You may also notice a menu item to go to my LinkedIn. All of this is part of creating a digital footprint on the web.

But I need your help. Share this post, like my page, tell your friends about my page. Or better yet, buy my book.


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