Pushcart Prize Nominee

I have been nominated for the 2014 Pushcart Prize.

Press Release

KY Story announces Pushcart Prize nominations for 2014

 Richmond, KY, October 5, 2014:

The Pushcart Prize is an American literary prize by Pushcart Press that honors the best “poetry, short fiction, essays or literary whatnot” published in the small presses over the previous year. Magazine and small book press editors are invited to nominate up to six works they have featured. Anthologies of the selected works have been published annually since 1976.

Ashley Parker Owens, publisher of KY Story, is pleased to announce her nominations for the Pushcart Prize. In a continued effort to promote Kentucky, Appalachian, and Southern writers, the following authors have been nominated for their recent work published in KY Story anthologies:

Redacted, Tantra Bensko, Printed People Eaters, Berkeley, CA

Appalachian Voice, John Vanderslice, Escape to Ash, Conway, AR

Appalachian Voice, John Sparks, Fishing with Abraham, Hager Hill, KY

Appalachian Voice, Tom Sheehan, Sixty Years Later at a Mid-Earth Pub, Saugus, MA

Motherlode, Oren Hammerquist, Desert Daddy, El Paso, TX

Motherlode, Treg Isaacson, Growing Up or Not, Seattle, WA


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